Allison Earnest

Director of Corporate Relations

YMCA of the Treasure Coast

Being a nonprofit we have to be very creative in our fundraising efforts to stand out among the rest. We raise $300,000 each year for scholarships for children, families, adults, and seniors living on the Treasure Coast to participate in Y programs that they may not have been able to attend without the help of community giving.

We have little staff dedicated to fundraising, so using Qgiv is helpful in managing various fundraising events and campaigns with ease. Qgiv helps our organization fundraise by making it easy to stay organized! A huge part of running different campaigns is to be organized and Qgiv has all the information we need for our campaigns at our fingertips.

Qgiv is also super user friendly. Anything I need there is a way to get it done. From reporting to desiging a campaign, there has always been a positive answer and I have yet to be told it can’t be done. Someone always responds to my support emails within a timely manner.

We have held a clay shoot for three years. Before Qgiv, the registration process was a bit confusing. 2020 was the first year we used Qgiv as our registration tool, and it has been an easier process for attendees and for us to receive payment and confirm registrations.

We use Achieve Agency for promoting events and campaigns on social media. They design ads and push to various algorithms. Achieve Agency and Qgiv work well together to help us promote our mission and purpose. Having Achieve assist with creativity and social media pushes along with Qgiv’s resources saves us valuable time!

Qgiv and Achieve Agency have enabled our organization to step outside the box from our typical fundraising efforts and become more successful. With the support and creativity of both agencies we are able to hold more events, be more organized, and promote all within our budget.

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