Qgiv Unveils Strategic Vision for AI Fundraising Solutions

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Artificial intelligence (AI) can help busy fundraisers reduce time spent on administrative tasks, brainstorm new fundraising ideas, help with appeal writing, and more! Qgiv is excited to unveil its strategy for embracing AI and machine learning across the platform with its latest set of features, Fundraising Intelligence by Qgiv (Fundraising IQ).  

Fundraising IQ is a collection of AI, machine learning, and data science tools designed to empower nonprofits and fundraisers to maximize their impact by simplifying day-to-day tasks.

Simultaneously, Qgiv has joined Fundraising.AI’s Framework Toward Responsible AI for Fundraising, an initiative dedicated to promoting the responsible use of AI in the nonprofit sector. Qgiv has also joined the Fundraising.AI steering committee, a collaborative of industry leaders, nonprofits, and AI experts to help establish ethical principles to guide the deployment of AI use in the nonprofit industry.

“AI has been around for many years, but only recently has it become available for more consumer-based applications. Our goal is to connect nonprofits with the power of AI, responsibly and ethically, to help them achieve their full fundraising potential and further their missions,” said Todd Baylis, CEO of Qgiv, Inc.

“The release of Fundraising IQ and our commitment to the Framework Toward Responsible AI for Fundraising is only the beginning—our hope is that AI-driven solutions can help reduce burnout among fundraisers by automating manual tasks and ultimately improve the giving experience.”

Features Included

Launched and soon-to-be-released features that fall under Fundraising IQ include:

  • Dynamic Giving Amounts: Fundraising IQ leverages machine learning to analyze donor data and suggest dynamic, personalized donation amounts to donors to increase conversions.
  • Generate Emails with AI: Qgiv’s Fundraising Content Assistant uses AI to help nonprofit teams craft peer-to-peer emails in seconds, freeing up time for fundraisers to focus on building meaningful relationships with their donors.
  • Auction Item Recommendations: Organizations using Qgiv’s auction tools can maximize their revenue and save time with suggested starting bids and bid increments to optimize performance.
  • Automated Campaign Improvement Suggestions: Fundraising IQ continuously analyzes campaign performance and will soon provide real-time benchmarks to help organizations optimize their fundraising efforts for maximum impact.
  • AI-Generated Fraud Protection: To help protect nonprofits from fraud and help mitigate card testing, Qgiv has adopted an AI-enhanced fraud protection system that detects bots and malicious card tests. This automated security measure has resulted in a 97% drop in card testing on Qgiv forms.

Learn More

Nonprofit organizations looking to embrace AI technology can learn more about the current features available within Fundraising IQ here.

To learn more, check out our full press release below or request a demo to see how your organization can use AI and machine learning to meet your goals.

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