Qgiv Reaches $2 Billion in Funds Raised by Nonprofits

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The amazing nonprofits we work with have reached a HUGE fundraising milestone—they’ve collectively raised over $2 billion!

Just over 15 million donations have been made through Qgiv’s suite of digital fundraising tools. These donations represent causes spanning the globe and are promoted by over 5,000 nonprofits, ranging from local animal shelters to national youth development organizations. 

“COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges for nonprofits, and in many ways, nonprofits are relying on digital fundraising tools and the generosity of their donors now more than ever before,” said Todd Baylis, CEO and Co-Founder of Qgiv, Inc. “This $2 billion milestone isn’t just a company celebration—it’s a celebration of the spirit of giving which has continued to thrive during these difficult times.”

We couldn’t be more proud of our incredible clients for helping us reach this milestone! To learn more about this announcement, click the link below to read our full press release.

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