Allyson Vaulx

AVP of Philanthropy

Feeding South Florida

Feeding South Florida’s mission is to end hunger in South Florida by providing immediate access to nutritious food, leading hunger and poverty advocacy efforts, and transforming lives through innovative programming and education. As the AVP of Philanthropy, I am responsible for leading fundraising and resource development efforts.  

Qgiv is a platform I would highly recommend — it simplified and amplified our fundraising through special events and third-party events. I used Qgiv at my previous organization and immediately implemented it after starting with my new organization.   

We were using several different platforms (Eventbrite, Blackbaud, 32 Auctions, Classy, and others) that made fundraising more difficult than it needed to be. Moving to Qgiv increased our efficiency and our event fundraising by 60% within 6 months.  

To date, the most successful fundraiser was in December of 2022. One of our board members was making a donation and wanted to amplify it. We found out about the donation at the end of November and activated our Qgiv account within three days. We sent out one email and exceeded the goal within two weeks. The initial contribution was $35,000, and we raised an additional $97,000 with very little effort.  

I love both the peer-to-peer and auction platforms. At my current and previous organizations, we’ve hosted 5Ks that are peer-to-peer driven. Qgiv makes peer-to-peer events incredibly easy internally and externally — tracking, using social media, teams, templates, and so much more.  

The auction platform is so user friendly and straightforward, taking the work away from our team and placing it within the platform.  

I especially love the cloning features, the ability to invite past participants to a current event, the email templates, the reporting features, and the “building your event” functionality. We don’t always have the benefit of a Marketing/Communications/Design person, so Qgiv makes it easy for us to make everything look good.  

Last but not least, the Customer Experience Team is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Best customer service experience I’ve ever had! 

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