Hope Clinic for Women is located in Nashville, TN. They provide medical care, professional counseling, education, mentorship, and practical support for women in their community.

Full Case Study


Hope Clinic for Women was looking to move away from paper bid sheets for their next auction. They struggled with a difficult checkout process. Staff members found it hard to track who had paid and who hadn’t, and it was difficult to ensure guests didn’t accidentally leave with items they didn’t pay for.


Hope Clinic for Women used Qgiv’s auction platform with mobile bidding with hopes of streamlining their check-in and checkout processes, as well as offer a way for participants to bid off-site.


Check-in and checkout went off without a hitch! Guests paid within the app, showed their proof of payment, and picked up their items with no issues. One of their volunteers who was unable to attend the event used the auction app to bid from the comfort of her home. The auction raised $19,000 in all, with $9,625 coming from mobile bids through Qgiv.

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