Tanglen Elementary PTO is a nonprofit parent teacher organization in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The organization is 100% staffed by volunteers made up of parents, caregivers, and teachers in the community who strive for the success of the students of Tanglen elementary, a title one school in which 48% of students are on a free or reduced fee lunch program. Their goal is to work together to help each and every one of their children learn and thrive.

Full Case Study


Tanglen Elementary PTO faced a difficult dilemma. They could either cancel their annual Parents Night Out fundraising event and miss out on crucial funds they needed to support their school, or they could incorporate new technology that would enable them to make their pen and paper silent auction a completely virtual event.


Jen Cameron, Fundraising Chair of Tanglen Elementary PTO knew they couldn’t afford to cancel their fundraiser. Too many kids were counting on them. So she researched companies that could make hosting a virtual auction possible and found Qgiv.

They quickly built their auction and entered their items. Then, they invited their community of parents and other school supporters to participate in their virtual Parents Night Out fundraising auction.

The event also featured a wine pull and a fund-a-need campaign to provide Tanglen Elementary staff with appreciation gifts.


Their virtual auction event outperformed previous years’ in-person event significantly! In fact, the Tanglen Elementary PTO raised nearly one third of their annual fundraising goal in this single event.

Additionally, the fund-a-need campaign received enough interest that all 108 members of the Tanglen Elementary staff received an appreciation gift.

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