Donor Insights

Actionable Donor Insights

Gain insight into the health of your fundraising strategies and quickly remedy underperforming campaigns with the help of Qgiv's intelligent system.

Qgiv's donation forms and text fundraising tools.
Qgiv's donation forms and text fundraising tools.

Review Timely Fundraising Insights

Arrange your dashboard to focus on your key metrics and run real-time reports to monitor campaign performance and adjust quickly.

Personalize Your Dashboard

Add the data that’s most important to you.

Focus on Your KPIs

Create dashboards for each team member.

Track Goal Completion

Add goals to your dashboard.

Save Your Favorite Custom Reports

View in-depth donor, revenue, and event metrics.

Run Out-of-the-Box Reports

Access a full transaction report, recurring donor forecast, and more!

Empower donors graphic - woman texting
Empower donors graphic - woman texting

Inform Your Stakeholders

Easily build presentations for board and stakeholder meetings to provide a holistic view into your fundraising operations.

Compile Data More Efficiently

Export graphs and charts from your Qgiv dashboard.

Quickly Share Insights

Send dashboards and reports to show progress.

Receive Updates Straight to Your Inbox

Review progress in a monthly performance email.

Share Donor Summaries

Easily send donors a giving summary for their taxes.

Leverage the Power of Fundraising IQ

Fundraising Intelligence by Qgiv (Fundraising IQ) is a collection of tools that use data science, machine learning, and AI to help you automate administrative tasks and achieve fundraising success.

Maximize Auction Performance

Optimize auction items with suggested starting bid and bid increments.

Optimize Your Donation Forms for Conversions

Adjust monetary increments automatically with Smart Amounts.

Save Time with AI-Curated Content

Craft peer-to-peer emails in seconds.

Protect Your Forms from Fraud

Leverage AI-powered protection to reduce fraudulent donations.

Give Donors Confidence graphic - man texting
Give Donors Confidence graphic - man texting

"[Our previous provider] required a one-week turnaround time to update and customize the donation page, which was unacceptable when updates needed to be made quickly surrounding our events and announcements. Qgiv offers simplicity for our donors, allowing them to use our branded page for donations and registration, and for our internal team, who can now easily adjust and customize our site."

Qgiv testimonial statistics Avatar

Jennifer Ridder

Individual Gift Manager

Merit School of Music

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"When I first started my nonprofit career over 10 years ago, I never thought ‘reporting’ would be one of my favorite features of anything; however, it definitely is when it comes to Qgiv. I find it so easy to use, and it gives such a comprehensive overview of when and how the donations are coming through."

Qgiv testimonial statistics Default avatar

Tara Jacobsen

Fundraising and Grants Manager,


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"Qgiv helps us keep all our members organized into one platform. We’re able to quickly pull reports regardless of if they paid online or sent in a check. All of our data automatically gets integrated into Bloomerang and QuickBooks Online so it creates and updates constituents’ profiles without us having to do anything."

Qgiv testimonial statistics Default avatar

Kellie Phillips

Administrative Assistant

Bonnet Springs Park

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Further your cause with integrations to your favorite nonprofit tools.

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All Qgiv packages include access to dashboards and standard reporting features. If you’re interested in custom reports, benchmarking, machine learning, AI, and donor summaries, you’ll want to use the Giving Essentials package. Connect with our team and start exploring your options.

With Qgiv, you have access to all of your data in real time—there’s no need to contact our team or wait to reconcile your data.

As many as you need! Qgiv has no limits on the number of dashboards or reports you can create.

Contact our team! With Qgiv, you have access to a variety of reporting options–too many to list here! We also regularly update the system with new reporting, machine learning, and AI features.

Yes! You can create and save custom reports.

You’ll see the data you’ve filtered within the Qgiv Control Panel. If you’d like to export the information within your report, you can download it into a CSV file. Dashboard data insights are exported into an image or PDF format.

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