Michelle Belleza

Executive Director

Boys and Girls Club of Lunenburg


As a very small Boys and Girls Club, we’re always looking for the most bang for our buck and the most cost savings for supplies, hardware, or the technology we’re using. For a very long time we used PayPal, but the challenges that we found outweighed the pro of it being “free.” With PayPal, we didn’t know where the payments were supposed to be allocated and had to do a lot of follow-up just to figure that piece out. And, there was no way to automatically thank someone… they got a receipt, but it wasn’t a thank-you.

We were looking around for an alternative to PayPal and looking at what other nonprofits were using and recommending. We wanted a low-cost solution with good customer support that would help us clearly identify why people were giving to the club, whether it was for membership, a fundraiser, or sponsorship. We needed something that would help with the process, decrease the amount of time we were spending to process payments, and give us the opportunity to send an automated thank-you message.

Qgiv came highly recommended. I like that I can really customize all the forms. People want to know where their money is going, and we need to know how we’re going to get it. With Qgiv, I can see who is using a particular campaign, communicate with them, stay in touch, and share all the great things that happen at the club because of their support.

When I asked donors what inspired them to give, I found they liked the ease of the recurring donation option our Qgiv forms offer. I make sure to change up the monthly thank-you so they don’t get the same standard thank-you. I like to make it fun and tongue-in-cheek.  For example, “April might bring showers and May brings flowers. Your showers of generosity bring happiness to our kids!”  We couldn’t do any of that with PayPal!

The easier you make it for the donor, the more likely they are to give. Thank you Qgiv!

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