Rebecca Guardado

Development Assistant


We use Qgiv for our peer-to-peer event fundraising. The Event Builder is simple to use and it’s very helpful to be able to see the different features you’re putting on your website. It looks good and it’s very easy to figure out how to use it. Not only that, but with the form cloning feature we can copy our events without manually recreating them. All I had to do was change the event date for the new event! We love using the leaderboard, recent activity, and fundraising goal thermometer widgets to show progress toward event fundraising goals and highlight our donors.

We use DonorPerfect for everything development related. Qgiv’s service integration with DonorPerfect is great. We’re able to export our donor information from Qgiv and into DonorPerfect as contacts automatically. The integration means no manual data entry is needed and records can be updated quickly.

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